First Success

This past Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the Writing Center held our first event! It was a very interesting test and we want to than those who showed up. There are plenty of things to note that should be adjusted for future reference and we have taken them into account.

If you have any ideas of events you would like to see hosted by the Writing Center please let us know. We would be more than happy to receive suggestions.


At the event we had several people show-up. Some of them wanted to just join us in doing some homework, while others had some genuine questions about writing. Both were welcomed. We shared laughs together and joked around, what else is a group of students to do?

There was an iced coffee bar, Hope Cookies, assorted cookies and some delicious pretzels. All were supplied by Hope College’s catering and we were so pleased to begin setting up and finding that they had already set up the food.

We also had some Lofi music playing in the background that created a very peaceful environment to complete assignments in.

Looking Ahead

We do really hope to keep getting good turnouts for our future events. While we are not sure what those events will be we can promise you have some to look forward to. There won’t be anymore events this semester, but some for next semester are already in the works. Keep an eye on the screens and tac-boards in the buildings for different events to look forward to.

A last note; in the last blog post the Instagram tag is incorrect as we have recently changed it for easier access;


Please do reach out with any questions! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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