Join us for the Klooster Center Open House!

KC Open House small posterOn Sunday, September 11, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, the Klooster Center will host its annual open house. Please join us and enjoy some special snacks and treats! It’s a great chance to meet the Writing Assistants and to appreciate the more relaxed vibe of the Center in its early-in-the-semester phase. Soon we’ll be too busy to do much socializing, but Sunday will give us a chance to pursue some of the more leisurely elements of writing and writing assistance (such as talking, eating, and more talking).

We hope to see you on Sunday!


Episode VI: Return of the Writing Assistants

As we begin the sixth year of an official writing center at Hope College, a record 36 Writing Assistants will be returning to campus for four full days of orientation, staff development, team-building, and fun. This marks the beginning of the Klooster Center’s annual “pre-college conference”—so named because it echoes an event of the same name for Hope faculty (which takes place at about the same time). All Writing Assistants are required to come to the PCC every year—not just their first year, but any year in which they are on campus and plan to work for the Center. This helps the WAs get to know one another better, so that they can function as a team throughout the year.  It also helps our veteran Writing Assistants to “get back in shape” for their work here, after spending their summers doing other things (and some very interesting things, too—watch this space for further details).

Be sure to look for our WAs around campus, starting on Wednesday, August 26 and continuing through Orientation Weekend. On some of these days, they will be wearing T-shirts that identify them as Writing Assistants. In case these pictures aren’t clear enough to allow you to rfront cropped.jpgead the text on the front, it says:  “Papers piling up?  We can help!”  Our shirts were designed by Allyson Hoffman ’15, who served as the Student Director of the Klooster Center during her senior year at Hope. She’s now pursuing an MFA degree in creative writing at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

One of the wonderful things about back cropped.jpgthe pre-college conference is that it creates mentoring relationships between our veteran Writing Assistants and those who have been newly hired at the Center. We’re hoping to extend this process into the school year, encouraging mentors and and their charges to do some sessions together. Our goal is that they will be able to provide each other with examples, advice, and feedback. So if you schedule an appointment for early in the semester, don’t be surprised if you see two WAs at your desk!  (Don’t worry, you only have to deal with one of them. The second WA will just be watching the one who’s working with you on your paper.)

During their pre-college conference, the Writing Assistants will be attending sessions run by faculty and staff from all across campus, in order to be better prepared to work with their fellow students on their papers this year.  A great many campus leaders have provided support for our WAs at previous pre-college conferences. A few of them are listed here (with links for offices, as well as for those individuals who already have a personal page on the new Hope website): Dr. Rich Ray, Provost; Dr. Patrice Rankine, Dean of Arts and Humanities; Dr. Susanna Childress, Dr. Beth Trembley, Dr. Marla Lunderberg, Dr. Courtney Werner, and Amy Devanney (all from the English department); Jeanne Lindell and Janet Pinkham from the Academic Success Center; Dr. Susan Ipri Brown and Dr. Courtney Peckens from Engineering; and the Research Librarians at Van Wylen Library (Rachel Bishop, Jessica Hroncek, Patrick Morgan, and Todd Wiebe)—as well as others whose names I’m probably forgetting as I write this.

We’re also grateful to Patti Carlson, who sends out thousands of session reports every semester and who helps us out in myriad ways (all as part of her administrative role at Van Wylen Library), and to Kelly Jacobsma, the Genevra Thome Begg Dean of Libraries, who provides us with all kinds of support and helps us make our space comfortable, useful, and hospitable to the students whom we serve.

(Want to get clear about why that last sentence has “whom” instead of “who”?  Make an appointment at the Klooster Center and find out!)

We’re Busy Here!

Yesterday the Center had 20 hours’ worth of appointments — almost the maximum we can handle.  Make your appointment soon! Walk-ins are still welcome, but it may be hard to find an open spot. Call X7025 or click on “Make an Appointment” in the menu at the right. 

Warning: We’re Closed over Easter Weekend!

Important:  The Library (and thus the Klooster Center) will be closed over all of Easter weekend (from Thursday, April 17 at 5pm until Sunday, April 20 at 5pm).  This will make the surrounding days and times very busy, so make your appointments soon!

Extra Hours for Finals Week

The CWR will offer additional services for finals: extra staff this Friday from 10am to 5pm; one Writing Assistant on duty Saturday 10am until 7pm; and we’ll keep our full regular schedule from Sunday through Thursday of Finals Week.  For best results, schedule an appointment as far before your due-date as possible.

Open House this Sunday!

On Sunday, September 1, from noon until late, we’ll be hosting an Open House at the Center for Writing and Research.  Come in and meet our Writing Assistants.  No paper required!  Also, we’ll have better-than-usual chocolate available (Lindor, Ghirardelli), so you’ll be rewarded for stopping by to say hello.  See you Sunday!

Come pay us a visit!

The Center for Writing and Research opens for business on the first Sunday after school starts.  This year, that means Sunday, September 1.  We’re open that day, and every Sunday, from noon until 11p.m.  Even if you don’t have a paper that you want to work on, please drop by and meet one of our Writing Assistants. They’ll have special treats for those who visit on Sunday, September 1.  See you then!