Keeping Hope with CURCA

Dr. Gerald Griffin, left, and Laura McMullen, right, the masterminds behind the virtual CURCA event.

“I want to note the wonderful contributions of (program manager) Laura McMullen and (associate provost) Dr. Gerald Griffin to our collective life as a campus and their tireless work on behalf of our students. The reimagining of the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA) as a remote event, with students giving verbal presentations in virtual rooms, was inspired. It was also executed beautifully. Our students, many who would have been also giving off-campus presentations this semester if it were not for the current health crisis, had the opportunity to showcase their excellent work. Friends and parents joined the rooms and learned from their research. Alumni, friends of the college, and academics from across the country and world joined to participate in this event; some of them were wanting to learn about whether they too could coordinate such an event. Laura provided training for the moderators, worked with CIT to ensure a workable system, set up all of the rooms, and provided wonderful communication and encouragement to students. I am so grateful!”

— Dr. Lindsey Root Luna, associate professor of psychology

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