With Another Vaccine, Dr. Ben Kopek Discusses More Hope

This week, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine rolled out in a number of locations across the U.S., giving Americans three vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. With such good, hopeful news, Keeping Hope writer Eva Dean Folkert sat down (via Google Meet) with Hope College’s resident virology expert, Dr. Ben Kopek, associate professor of biology. […]

One for All, All for One to Keep Hope Healthy

That old Three Musketeers credo — “One for All and All for One” — might have its best application in the 21st century. After all, practicing COVID-19 safeguards in 2020 means doing so for both personal and community good. D’Artagnan would surely agree! At Hope, that motto has been essentially at the heart of all […]

Back to Campus with Summer Research

For years, a distinctive summer characteristic at Hope College has been the bustling research program called SHARP (Summer Hope Academic Research Program). Hundreds of faculty and students and thousands of dollars in external and internal funding are employed every summer in every division of the college to search out new knowledge in the arts and […]

I Miss You, Hope College!

*Editor’s Note: Kleenex alert! The reflections below, contributed by Bill Moreau, associate professor of English, show how students are keeping Hope in their hearts by remembering how the college community and its bond are important to them. Their authenticity shows that #keepinghope is both difficult and enduring. — Because of COVID-19, on Wednesday, March 11, the Hope […]