14 Ways to 14 Weeks of Wellness

Hey Hope College! We’ve got 14 full weeks on campus ahead of us! Let’s make this a healthy semester — all semester! — so we can remain together, in person, through November. 

We are off to a great start, but we must not let our guard down.

Our mitigation strategy, when implemented and practiced in its entirety, gives us the best chance for remaining in person this semester.

Here are some important reminders about that strategy:

  1. Wear face coverings. Wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth at all times while on campus — both inside and out — unless you are in your private living space OR the sole occupant of an enclosed office OR outdoors and continually more than six feet from every other person. 
    What about outside? Yes, wear a face covering! Unless you are seated and stationary so as to ensure that a 6-foot distance can be continually maintained at all times, wear a face covering — and even then, remember that face coverings must be worn during outdoor classes. You can also remove your face covering if you are walking alone.
  2. Maintain six-foot distance…wherever you go. Physically distance at least six feet from others — both indoors and outdoors. This includes hallways, stairwells, lines, etc. 
  3. Wash your hands. Practice good hand hygiene by washing hands thoroughly (at least 20 seconds) and frequently. If you are not able to use soap and water, use hand sanitizer. 
  4. Clean your space. Keep personal and shared workspaces clean and sanitized. Disinfect workspaces before and after use. Wipe down desks and tables, especially when leaving classrooms or shared spaces.
  5. Complete the daily screening form. Complete the Daily Self-Screening Form every day, before or when you arrive on campus. The forms for students and employees can be accessed at hope.edu/healthscreen
  6. Participate in testing. The college will be conducting daily surveillance testing for students. Please encourage students to read their emails and take part in the surveillance tests when asked. Their cooperation is critical to our mitigation strategy! We will keep you updated on the availability of testing for employees who have COVID-19 symptoms. 
  7. Contact your healthcare provider and HR if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Continue to monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms throughout the day — and if you experience symptoms, contact your healthcare provider immediately for direction. If you are experiencing symptoms, please stay home (or go home) and contact Human Resources to notify them.  
  8. Know about “exposure” and “close contact.” Review the COVID-19 Exposure website and What Happens When I’m a Close Contact website to understand how you can be exposed to the virus. The Campus Health email from last Friday also provides a good overview of these and other important issues. 
  9. Carry your Hope ID with you at all times. Most buildings on campus will be locked this semester. You’ll need to swipe your ID card to access these buildings.
  10. Don’t move the furniture. Keep furniture in classrooms and shared spaces in its place. The furniture is intentionally arranged to ensure a safe environment and proper distancing. This is especially important in dining areas!
  11. Limit travel. Only essential travel is permitted this semester. The Risk and Responsibility team has defined “essential” as travel that is required to assure, preserve and/or substantially enhance the mission of the college and the specific program or department, involving work that cannot accomplished by other means and/or postponed to a later date. Submit the Essential Travel Request Form after discussing your request with your supervisor first.
  12. Be mindful of where you eat and drink. Do not eat in the classroom. (Drinking in the classroom is permitted, and the use of straws is encouraged.) Remember that, currently, students only may eat in the dining halls. Please go to the Kletz Market or use Dining Services’ new mobile ordering app, coming soon.
  13. Put health and safety first when planning your event. Currently, Hope events are limited to a maximum of 10 attendees for indoor gatherings and events, and 50 attendees for outdoor. For event guidelines and requirements, please visit the Event Planning Resources website.
  14. Actively encourage safeguards and report concerns. We all play a role in helping to build a culture of accountability and responsibility! Ask and encourage any person on campus to follow the safeguards. If you have asked or encouraged and behavior persists, please use the COVID Concern Form to report concerns regarding health and behavior on campus.

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