To celebrate the most generous day of the year, our students want to share with you what they would want to say to the people who have made their Hope College education possible.

We currently have 80 students on our campus receiving the gift of a fully funded education because of generous people like you (and like Dr. Bill Moreau and his wife who shared their story in our previous post). In turn, these students have committed to generous, annual giving back to Hope after they graduate so future students can have the same opportunity. This beautiful cycle of giving is what we call Hope Forward, and what we one day want for every student at Hope College.

While I could go on and on about the depth and breadth of impact Hope Forward is having on our students, today I’ll stick to sharing about the impact it’s having on their hearts and minds. In a world that makes selfishness easy, I see our students ready to live a life of giving rooted in gratitude and abundance because of the gift they have received.

If students could meet our donors, here are some things they would want to say…

Thank you for this gift that goes on to be a gift for many and many generations. Your gift is a catalyst of Hope. Because you gave, I will also give. I am forever grateful and blessed.

Your gift is and will impact far more than just me.

You are a part of changing the world through Hope, and we couldn’t thank you enough.

You are an inspiration to be generous.

I am so grateful for you! I get to study to be a nurse and help others through challenging times because of your generosity. What an incredible gift and blessing! Thank you!

Thank you for your generous and selfless giving that enabled me to be where I am today. Thank you for showing me Christ’s love in action.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to receive something so valuable that I will carry with me forever.

Thank you for your generous donation. Thank you for giving me a chance to do something great with my life.

Thank you so much for this great gift! You have no idea how much your generosity means to not just me but my family, community and country. God bless your heart!

Thank you for trusting me to steward well what you give me.

I cannot wait to do what you have done for me for other people!

Want to join in on the contagious gift of generosity and gratitude this GivingTuesday? Visit to make your gift.

With full hearts, our students are so grateful!

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