Hope Families Can Join “The Hope College Connection”

Steve and Kristi Sieck
Parents’ Council Co-Chairs

Greetings from our home in Lake Ann, Michigan where we are spending quality time learning and re-learning Spanish with our youngest daughter, Elizabeth. She is finishing up her Hope College senior year at home with us. We have had a lot of fun listening to virtual classes and watching her adapt to this different way of learning.

As we go through this, we’ve also been brushing up on psychology. We are reminded, and want to remind you, of the importance of confidence, optimism, hope and resiliency. One of the best ways to boost each of these key areas of positive psychological capital is to connect with others.

To this end, please join us as we launch The Hope College Connection. This new resource links students, families and alumni for mentoring and networking.  

We are asking you to share your experiences and make a big difference in a student’s journey by:

  • Creating your profile and choosing your communication preferences, including type and frequency.
  • Sharing career advice and industry insights with the Hope community. 
  • Discovering your own career connections with other families and alumni using the platform’s powerful smart-matching algorithm. I think you will really like this feature!
  • Actively communicating on your own time with complimentary, in-platform video meetings (great tool for right now) and messaging, including text notifications.  

So go ahead and get started to help us all build confidence, optimism, hope and resiliency! Don’t forget to encourage your students to create an account as well. If you have questions, please reach out to connection@hope.edu 

Climb With Us

Do you remember Cliff Hangers from The Price is Right? It debuted just over 44 years ago on April 12, 1976. We are going to have some fun and get that yodely guy (and his famous music) back in the game. We have a goal of getting 600 Hope College families on The Hope College Connection. We are now up to 513 profiles from families (as of May 13). Help us, and our mountain climbing friend, reach the top by activating your profile today. We will keep this post up-to-date as our journey continues. Come on down!

We’ve passed 500! There are 513 Hope families signed up and climbing!

Steve and Kristi Sieck
Hope College Parents’ Council

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