Happy Valentine’s Day, Hope Families!

To all of our Hope families, you may not hear it nearly enough, but your students love and appreciate you in a major way. Read on for a few love notes from Hope College students.

“I love that my family comes to my events at Hope so that they can see what I’m involved in!” – Aine S. ’24

“I love that my parents push me to be independent but still help me when I need them.” – Anna K. ’24

“I’m so happy to have my family close so I can see them every day!” – Simon A. ’24

“I love that my parents are always so selfless and care so much about me and my siblings.” – Justin K. ’24

“I love how my family is always there for each other. We can always make each other laugh and have a good time. I miss them when I’m away at school!” – Tess T. ’26

“My siblings and I are really close in age and I love that we’re so close to each other.” – Owen G. ’26 (and Evan G. ’27!)

“I love how supportive they are of me through everything I do.” – Alex S. ’24

“I really appreciate how close my family is. When anything good happens, I can always check my phone and my family will be the first people to congratulate me.” – Erika M. ’25

“I love playing card games and hiking with my family. Even though we’re geographically spread out now that we’re older, the ways we still connect are really special.” – Clara V. ’24

“We’re all super close. I can rely and depend on my siblings 100%.” – Gordon V. ’24

“I love how supportive everyone is in my entire family. We might go through a lot, but everyone will always be there to help each other out.” – Maddie D. ’26

“I appreciate how encouraging everyone in my family is. Whatever choices I make, they’ll always be there to encourage me.” – Henry N. ’26

“The thing I love about my family is they’re there whenever I need them, whether it’s academics or my personal life. They encourage me to do my studies and duties with zeal.” – Daniel B. ’24

“The thing I love most about my family is their constant support… and the good food they give me.” – Madison P. ’25

“I love that my family is supportive of me, no matter what I do.” – Mackenzie H. ’24

“I’m grateful that my parents have supported me with everything I have ever wanted to do. They always want what is best for me.” – Luke G. ’26

“My family is in Wisconsin, so I’m grateful for a family who welcomes me home and for all the time that we spend together.” – Ellie D. ’25

“I’m thankful for my parents for adopting me. They are so loving and caring.” – Joe D. ’25

“I’m thankful for the constant words of encouragement that they have given me over the years, and for easing any anxieties that I have about the future.” – Alyssa F. ’25

“I appreciate how my parents have navigated the season of me moving out and gaining independence. But I still rely on their support!” – Aidan O. ’25

“I’m thankful for my parents pushing me to pursue my biggest dreams and always giving me love and support.” – Abigail K. ’25

“I love how both of my parents demonstrate selflessness and have sacrificed a lot for me to go to school far away. I’m thankful for their unconditional love.” – Christian C. ’26

“My parents have helped me out my entire life, especially coming to Hope, and have supported me in everything I do… even though some of my decisions haven’t been the best. Thank you for all that you do, Mom and Dad!” – Nolan K. ’24

“Something I love about my parents is how strong their faith is and how they exemplify that through their lives.” – Theo R. ’25

“I love that so many of my siblings have gone to Hope and that we’re able to bond over our shared experiences.” – Nick D. ’24

“I love that my family is so invested in everything that I’m doing, especially when they get super excited about things that I’m working on like Dance Marathon!” – Isabelle V. ’25

“My family has always pushed me to be the best version of myself. They’ve opened up endless opportunities for me that I will forever be grateful for.” – Stella F. ’27

“Even from Cincinnati, Ohio, my family does not stop supporting me and my siblings. They make it to so many games and trips up to Holland. I am so lucky to have parents who care so much about us and love us so well.” – Annie L. ’25

“What I love most about my family is that they always make sure I am well-fed… even when I’m not living at home!” – Fernando L. ’26

“The thing I love most about my family is their constant support and knowing that they will always have my back.”- Olivia S. ’27

“My family always supports each other first, and without them, I would have never been able to make it to where I am now, which is what I am most grateful for.” – Kristian S. ’27

“I am grateful for my family’s overwhelming support through school, and especially through my four years at Hope!” – Jenna S. ’24

“My favorite thing about my family is that they’re just the perfect amount of weird. Every day I get more grateful for the way they raised me. I can talk to them about anything, and they are all willing to keep learning and growing together! It’s a blessing to have a family wonderful enough to miss.” – Molly M. ’26

“My family means a lot to me, especially my younger brothers. We have always been there for each other and I am so thankful to have them in my life.” -Camille H. ’26

“What I enjoy the most about my family is the fact that we can just laugh. No matter if it’s laughing at someone or something or about something or someone I can always count on them to make me smile, even if I really don’t want to.” – Grant E. ’27

“The thing that I love most about my family is how supportive they are and how much fun we all have together.” – Tyler E. ’27

“The reason I love my family so much is because they offer me the most unconditional love there is. Through the times I haven’t loved myself, they always have and will.” – Ava D. ’26

“My family is always supporting and pushing me to become the best version of myself; I am extremely grateful for all of their love and advice!” – Kennedy B. ’26

“Even while being in California, my parents have gone above and beyond to be present through every step of my journey at Hope. I couldn’t ask for better examples of what it looks like to live in a way that honors God.” – Cam S. ’24

“I was prompted in a class the other day to write about traits I admire in others. The two traits that came to me instantly were if someone is disciplined and emotionally intelligent. Then I took a step back and realized that those are some of the two most profound characteristics in my dad and mom respectively. My dad is one of the most disciplined people I know, if he knows something has to get done, it will. And my mom is the sweetest, kindest, most empathetic and compassionate person I know. She is always encouraging us, her kids to feel our emotions and legitimatize and validate how we feel. I see those two characteristics in myself, and I’m so proud to be the son of two people who are loving enough to want to pour into their children.” – Jules H. ’25

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