Encouragement from Dr. Ellen

I am a parent of a college student. I want my student to have an exceptional experience that helps him emerge into adulthood. I am guessing you have similar dreams for your Hope student! I offer a few bits of perspective on college student development for you to consider. 1) College students learn and grow when they are challenged coupled with the right amount of support. Students grow in self-confidence and build a skillset when they are able to take steps to work through a challenge. When a student has a positive outcome, it helps them develop a healthy sense of self-efficacy, the feeling that they can do it. 2) Developing confidence and a belief in one’s capacity to succeed requires the student to take action, to practice skills, and to follow through. Sometimes, as parents, we want to help our kid so that they live a less anxious or stressful life. Although well-intended, trying to fix an issue for your college student can rob them of necessary growth and development. Here is a perspective check: Do you plan to call their boss once they start their first job post-college if they are having a hard time? Probably not. So, while they attend Hope College, help them to have experiences to help them grow and develop. When they text or call to say they are struggling, encourage them to seek resources that are available here. We have people here to help them navigate just about anything they need. When you have questions or are looking for more support from Hope, we hope that you will contact Katie DeKoster, Hope’s Director of Family Engagement. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will connect you with the person who does. We look forward to working with you as your students forge their own path here at Hope.

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