The Hope College Families Facebook group is brimming over with collective wisdom and experience. As we faced the first major snowstorm of the year, many family members chimed in with words of wisdom for surviving and thriving in a Michigan winter. Read on to see which tips you might need to put into practice!

  • “Layers! And stay dry. Love Smartwool socks (available downtown on 8th Street for those who need them ASAP!) and I’m a big fan of hand warmers (disposable or reusable) tucked in my coat pockets.”
  • “Staying hydrated is just as important in cold temperatures as it is in warmer ones.”
  • “Keep a shovel to keep in your car for when the plow buries your car in its spot.”
  • “Don’t walk on the Lake Michigan ice shelf!”
  • “If you are prone to depression in the dark winter months, get help. Van Wylen Library checks out therapy lights, professional help can also be useful and some people need medication or medication changes for SAD.”
  • “It’s a tricky time of year and important to have strategies to cope with winter and dark early evenings, like scheduling social get togethers, working out, eating healthfully or yoga, whatever tools help you. I eat sunshine fruits every day, like oranges. Vitamin C helps and gives me a boost :-)”
  • “You shouldn’t have exposed skin really for any amount of time in this polar vortex weather. Have extra sets of gloves (mittens are warmer) because they will get lost :-)”
  • “Get out and EnJOY! Have a snowball fight- build an igloo- or a snowman- it is so much fun when there is snow!!❄️❄️
  • “Raise your windshield wipers off the windshield so they don’t freeze to the windshield.”
  • “Keep your gas tank at least half full.”
  • ““Black ice” is a real thing. I’m sure Hope works very hard to clear pathways, but be aware that a thin layer of snow – or worse yet, water/melting ice – over any unmelted ice is a serious slipping hazard. Just noticing if ice has fully melted before the next snow is helpful.”
  • “Kitty litter and a small shovel can be helpful to keep in your car in case you get stuck.”
  • “Super light weight long underwear from Costco under your jeans. And wool socks!”
  • “It was a cold day, long ago on a different campus when my forehead became frostbitten while walking to class. I didn’t want to mess up my giant ’80’s hair by wearing a hat. I’ve been paying for that decision ever since. So, wear a hat!”
  • “Function over fashion 😉
  • “When driving always have a snow brush and your coat in the car and gloves. Your car might breakdown, so toss a coat and gloves in the backseat even if you are a non-coat-wearing person.”
  • “Being cooped up indoors can bring on anxiety and restlessness. Get a good workout in at the Dow and break a sweat. You might even meet new people!”
  • “Don’t lick the flagpole!😆😆

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