6. Cancer, COVID, Courage, and Championships | A story of the pursuit of faith and friendship during an extraordinary season

Meet Hope. Meet Emma. Two incredible young women who have had an extraordinary journey of faith and friendship as teammates (and 4 year roommates) on the Hope College Womens Swimming and Diving Team. Emma is 2x reigning MVP for best swimmer in the NCAA D3 Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association & Hope is the definition of […]

5. Story & Calling

In today’s Train to Endure podcast episode, Matt and Abby sit down to talk about “calling.” For Christians, this word is often thrown around, yet a true explanation is often missed. It is important to realize our “primary calling” is the fact that Jesus has called us to himself. Each of us also has a story. Something […]

4. Jon and Trygve | Sport “Scriptures”

For many athletes attempting to live out their faith, there is often a temptation to pair scripture to games and competitions. We’ve probably all seen Phillipians 4:13 etched on a cleat or hung in a locker. But did God really intend for this scripture and others to be applied to athletics? Does knowing we can do […]