5. Story & Calling

In today’s Train to Endure podcast episode, Matt and Abby sit down to talk about “calling.” For Christians, this word is often thrown around, yet a true explanation is often missed. It is important to realize our “primary calling” is the fact that Jesus has called us to himself. Each of us also has a story. Something […]

4. Jon and Trygve | Sport “Scriptures”

For many athletes attempting to live out their faith, there is often a temptation to pair scripture to games and competitions. We’ve probably all seen Phillipians 4:13 etched on a cleat or hung in a locker. But did God really intend for this scripture and others to be applied to athletics? Does knowing we can do […]

#3 Elizabeth Perkins ’17 Bounds | Loss in Sport

In today’s “Train to Endure” podcast episode, we are joined by Elizabeth Perkins ’17 Bounds of the Faith and Sport Institute at Baylor University Seminary. Bounds is a former basketball and soccer player at Hope College. From injuries, cut seasons, and even the unexpected death of a coach, Bounds is no stranger to experiencing loss […]