#4 Jon & Trygve | Sport “Scriptures”

For many athletes attempting to live out their faith, there is often a temptation to pair scripture to games and competitions. We’ve probably all seen Phillipians 4:13 etched on a cleat or hung in a locker. But did God really intend for this scripture and others to be applied to athletics? Does knowing we can do “all things through Christ” include winning the championship game? On today’s episode, we are joined by Rev. Jon Brown and Rev. Dr. Trygve Johnson to further explore the meaning and context of the Bible, and what God may have really meant by specific verses. 

#3 Elizabeth Perkins ’17 Bounds | Loss in Sport

In today’s “Train to Endure” podcast episode, we are joined by Elizabeth Perkins ’17 Bounds of the Faith and Sport Institute at Baylor University Seminary. Bounds is a former basketball and soccer player at Hope College. From injuries, cut seasons, and even the unexpected death of a coach, Bounds is no stranger to experiencing loss in athletics. Together, we dialog about practical ways to process loss with the Lord and the amazing and unexpected growth that can come as a result.

#2. Misplaced Identity

In today’s episode, we are joined by a former University of Michigan and Baltimore Ravens football player. In his journey of faith and football, he has discovered the importance of placing his identity in Christ alone. Together we discuss what this process practically looks like and the total freedom we find in the Lord as a result.

#1. Courtney Kust | An Introduction of faith, sport and life

To kick off the show, we are joined by Courtney Kust, assistant athletic director and women’s basketball coach at Hope College. Together we begin to explore the interconnection of faith, sport and life. We tackle questions such as, “Does God care about sports?,” “Does God care who wins?,” and “Can you be a Christian and still be competitive?”.