IES Internships Around the World!

Do you ever wish you could travel abroad, but school and internships always seem to be in the way? We have a solution for you! Jena Szatkowski, Assistant Director of the Career Development Center, recently visited Rome and Milan to hear about the IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) Internship program.

IES Abroad is a program that offers study abroad experiences for college students. IES Internships is a department within IES Abroad that has 12 different locations for students seeking internships to explore. Jena said the purpose of her trip overseas was to “have people who work with internships at universities feel comfortable and secure about sending students abroad and making sure they’re having valued internship experiences.”

Jena Szatkowski met Hope College student Fonon Nunghe for lunch while he's studying abroad in Milan.
Jena Szatkowski met Hope College student Fonon Nunghe for lunch while he’s studying abroad in Milan.

The IES Internships program has a great summer internship opportunity. The summer program is perfect for student athletes or students who just can’t fit studying abroad in during the academic school year because of work, classes, etc. The summer internship: 

  •     Lasts generally between 8-10 weeks 
  •     Starts in late May and goes to late July
  •     Consists of a 40 hour per week internship commitment, along with having an internship seminar (3 or 6 internship credits back to Hope)


If you are interested in studying abroad during the Fall or Spring semester, IES offers internship opportunities during the academic school year, which are generally 10-12 hours per week.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, we encourage you to contact Amy Otis-De Grau for more information. Take advantage of exploring this great travel opportunity!

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