Ten Reasons to Come to the Internship Fair

An internship can be a great experience to launch you into a career later on and build lasting connections and skills. In short, here are 10 reasons why you should come to the internship fair this coming Wednesday:

1. Gain great work experience

This one is pretty obvious, but you have the chance to work in a field of your interest while gaining valuable skills and knowledge to discern your future career.

2. NetworkinG

You have the change to meet and connect with many companies and organizations who will be valuable additions to your network at the fair, and an internship will also broaden that network even further.

3. Build your résumé 

An internship on your resume may help you stand out among other applicants for the same position, and the fair gives you a change to get your résumé out to potential employers. Stop by the Boerigter any day Monday through Friday from 3-4:30 PM to get your résumé reviewed.

4. Great for Gap-Years

If you are looking for something short-term after graduation, an internship may be the perfect experience. If you are unsure of the next step, or are planning to start a new job or schooling after the summer, an internship could be a great transition opportunity.

5. understand potential careers and fields

An internship is a great way to see what life is like in a career or field you may be considering. If you aren’t positive about a certain career, an internship can help you discern the future. You may love the internship and decide to pursue a career in that discipline, or you may find something else within the company intriguing and have a chance to connect with people practicing in that area.

6. Get a feel for new industries

Like understanding careers, internships are also the perfect option to find out more about a specific industry you are curious or passionate about.

7. Summer plans

Some internships look for positions available only during the summer. If you don’t have summer plans, an internship may be the way to go. Maybe you’ve been a camp counselor or worked an entry level summer job for the past few summers and are ready for the next step of an internship.

8. Work with diverse and new groups of people

Build and form lasting relationships with people of different backgrounds, education, and experiences. Internships allow you to work in a more real world setting which equips you to interact with people outside of the Hope community.

9. Internships can lead to full employment

Many people are offered positions within a company after an internship experience. The time spent in an internship allows you to get to know people in the company and make a good impression and a great applicant for a full-time position. Doing this can ease the stress of senior year knowing you have a job on lock-down.

10. There will be ‘H’ Cookies!

Need we say more?!

Join us Wednesday, February 27th from 3-5 PM in the Bultman Student Center to connect with employers offering internships. You can find more information and register on Handshake.

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