This summer was definitely unique to say the least, but despite the crazy spin to normalcy that COVID-19 gave the world so far this year, many students at Hope were still able to participate in summer internships. Take a look!  

Rylee Thayer – Junior – Business & Communication Double Major

“I have been very fortunate to gain marketing experience this summer through a remote internship with Symposia Labs out of Grand Rapids. I am learning all about digital marketing from an agency standpoint, especially the content creation aspect of marketing. It has been very beneficial to have an internship opportunity still among the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Aubrey Wilson – Senior – Communication Major

“This summer, I am working for Downtown Holland as their marketing intern. A day on the job looks different than we first expected but I am loving it. Joining the team as they navigate uncharted waters has been interesting and insightful. Our goal is to best aid downtown businesses while keeping everybody safe and healthy. My latest project is the takeover of @downtownholland on Instagram. Go check it out!” 

Rachel Foy – Senior – Engineering & Business Double Major

“I had the privilege of interning at Consumers Energy in the Gas Metering and Regulation Department this summer. I was able to work on numerous projects, which enabled me to develop my leadership and engineering skills.” 

Casey Doolittle – Junior – Engineering Major

“Working at Medallion Instrumentation Systems this summer has been a great experience for me!  My engineering team has been very supportive, and allowed me to work on a variety of projects.”

Samuel Vega – Senior – English Major with a writing emphasis

“I have the incredible privilege of working remotely for the Holland Museum as an Interpretive Specialist Intern. The position acts as a bridge between the Archives and Family Engagement divisions of the Museum, and also acts as a delicate balance between logical research and creative planning. From learning about the more eccentric pieces of Dutch History, planning an exhibit about the LAUP program, and even collaborating with a team member on a children’s book, this experience remains an incredibly well-rounded one. Whether with team members, networking connections, or my wonderful boss, some manner of growth is always taking place.” 

Garett Shrode – Junior – Engineering Major

“Have you ever wondered what those rubber tubes over the road are for? They’re collecting traffic data! This summer, I have had the privilege to intern with the Traffic Department at the City of Wyoming collecting traffic data. Not only do these counts collect volume data, but they also provide data on the speed and class of vehicles using that particular segment of road. We analyze the data using JAMAR Technologies’ STARNEXT software and then upload it to the Grand Valley Metro Council database to help inform traffic decisions in the greater metro area.”

Nicolle Malson – Sophomore – Undeclared Major

“This summer I have been working as the marketing assistant for the Hope Hockey club team. I am currently working on their social media and advertising strategies for the upcoming season. It has been a really exciting opportunity, and I am looking forward to working this season!”

Kameron Miller – Senior – Business Major

“This summer I have had the privilege to work for Haworth as a Product Line Management Private Office and Tables Intern! PLM is a very cross functional role, allowing me to develop a variety of skill sets throughout the business environment. Haworth is a world class organization with an elite internship program!”

Abbey Woodruff – Senior – Sociology Major

“Over the summer, I had the privilege to work on the Special Events Team at National Heritage Academies. I had the opportunity to convert a large in-person event to a virtual event in just a matter of months. From this, I learned how crucial time-management, communication, and adaptability is in the event coordinating career. I was very fortunate to experience this first-hand how adaptable we can be when we set our minds to it!”

Would you like to find a unique internship? Our next Career Camp session is for you! Head to Handshake and find the “Internship Search” session in the events section. Tuesday September 22, 2020 from 11-11:50 via Google Meet.

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