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“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” — Andrew Carnegie

My number one strength is Adaptability. The world is constantly shifting, plans change, circumstances change and life happens; being very flexible and living in the here and now is what works and makes most sense to me.

I used to think that plans and goals were limiting. It was not until sophomore year when I realized having a plan does not mean it has to be set in stone, but it is there to help you take the necessary steps towards accomplishing any goals you have. Someone who has the same goal may have completely different steps than you do but you can both end up reaching the same goal.

You can have long-term and short-term goals and they can be related to anything. These can be financial goals, career goals, college goals and so much more. The Career Development Center can help you take initial steps to help you towards your career and college goals.

Below is a list of the ways the CDC can help you achieve a few of these goals:

  1.   Four Year Plans –Aid in setting up classes for the next four years to help you make the most of your time at Hope
  2.  Major/Career Discernment –  Look at your strengths and interests and give you advice on what majors and career paths to explore
  3. Resumes and Cover Letters –  Collaborate with you to start or polish your resume and cover letter in preparation for internships and job interviews.
  4.   Mock Interviews – Prepares you for a real interview and gives you tips on what to work on before a real interview.
  5.  Networking – Give you tips and ways that you can start networking while still in college.
  6.  Internships- Assist you in your internship search, and encourage you through the process
  7.  Job Search-  Create a plan for how to best use job search tools and websites.
  8. Graduate School- Facilitate your Graduate school search and application process
  9. Handshake and LinkedIn- Teach you how to create and strengthen your profile to present your best self to employers
  10. StrengthsQuest, MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory – These are assessment tools that help interpret your strengths, interests, and personality preferences, what they mean, and how they are applied in your life


Grand Valley State University Career Fair is a great opportunity! It will be held at DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, this coming Thursday February 22nd from 1-5 pm.

Call and make an appointment with the Career Development Center team and we are happy to help you towards your career or college goals.


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