College to Career: Figuring Out the World After Hope

Are you feeling confused about what life after college looks like? Do you wonder about how to manage your finances, understand benefits, 401ks, or know how to find a job that is right for you? You can have all these questions answered and more at our College to Career event being held on February 25th from 6 – 7:30pm.

This event is a “meet and greet” style that will allow students to learn from a variety of professionals and alum. There will be introductions from each of our speakers and stations to rotate around to each one of them. Below is a little glimpse into each of our speakers and the area they will be advising on.

Andrew Schut is attending the event to speak about personal finance. He is the Assistant Professor of Accounting here at Hope.

Lori Mulder is returning to this event to talk about human resources (benefits, contracts, etc.). She is the Director of Human Resources here at Hope.

Stephanie Forest is a returner to the event and will speak about financial aid (aka paying off those student loans). She is the Associate Director of Financial Aid here at Hope.

Dale Austin is attending this event to speak into all the steps to be taking when seeking employment. He works in the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career. 

Garret Gormley is joining us to speak about life after college. He graduated Hope in 2018 and now works as an Inside Sales Representative at Gordon Food Service.

We hope to see you there at our College to Career event. Head to Handshake to register. This is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for what life holds beyond Hope in your career.

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