A Note to Senior Public Accounting Majors

Dear future CPAs,

Fall recruiting is booming, and with it the stress of the future. Many of you may be in the midst of interviews and applications, while others are still riding the emotional high of accepting your first full-time position for after graduation. For those of us that have accepted a position, it is important to stay focused on school, and finish strong. As Prof. Geddes would say, “Rise up!”

Despite securing a position, staying on top of our industry specific courses is still important, and this is true for a variety of reasons. The first of which is that our testing is not over. The dreaded CPA exams still await after graduation, and what we learn in Advanced, Tax, Audit, GNP, and so on will be on there! Relearning something in a review course is sure to be easier than learning it all together. Pay attention in class and try and grasp all the concepts we are going through.

Another reason to take classes seriously is for professional development. We will be tasked with long, grueling, and difficult projects, audits, or tax returns in the future. Finishing out classes will assist us in forming stronger professional skills. We will have a job to do, and finishing out college strong is important in gleaning the mentality of completing our work, and finishing strong. Staying focused on classes will also further our routine of work, and hopefully prevent a culture shock when we begin our full-time positions.

Lastly, we’ve put so much work into school, why let it all go to waste with a poor final year? If you fail a course, you may have to take another semester, and get pushed back from starting, and even possibly lose the job offer you have! Let’s finish out college strong, continue the standards we have set for ourselves thus far, and get ready for what life after college will be like!

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