The Importance of Being Involved

Image result for hope college student activity fairGetting involved in college can be tough and daunting. Although there are dozens of organizations that may sound very appealing and interesting, balancing academics, involvement, and a social life can quickly become a pain to handle. However, being involved in college has many benefits. Here are four reasons you should get involved in school and how to do it at Hope College.

1. Looks Great on a Résumé

Being involved in any organization lets others know how well-rounded of an individual you are. By becoming a part of an organization you learn many different qualities and characteristics that strengthen who you are as an individual. Involvement does not necessarily have to be President or Treasurer, just being a general member can go a long way!

2. Networking

Organizations in colleges have many connections within the institution and community. You might meet individuals who can recommend you for a future job or can possibly present you, your future job.

3. Helps with Transitioning from College to Work

Joining an organization can become very difficult in terms of time management ` and the amount of workload. Learning how to manage your time and how to handle multiple responsibilities and work is awesome preparation for how a job can look like.

4. Builds Confidence

Joining a new organization can be a hard thing to do for some. The idea of meeting new people can very nerve-wracking to many. By getting involved in organizations that bring diverse experiences into your life, can help you start gaining confidence that is beneficial when looking for a job or at a new job.

Hope College has over 80+ different groups and organizations that are open to all students. Most of the time, it only takes one email to become a general member! Go on to Hope College’s Student Life page and with easy quick access, you can learn a little bit more about all of the different organizations and get in contact with those you choose.


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