Life After College

Life. After. College.

These three little words hold a lot of weight for seniors, especially those who will be thrust into their reality in a few months. For some, these words are exciting, full of potential and opportunity. For others, these words are concerning, implying uncertainty and unknown territories. Some students feel a mix of the two reactions, a little anticipation swirled with a little fear. No matter what you feel when you hear the words “life after college,” we can work through it together in sharing and encouraging one another through a community of students, staff members, and Holland community members who either have dealt with these feelings before, or are currently working through them now.

This is where the Life After College series comes in.

This six week series covers a variety of topics in each two hour session. The last three sessions focus on Wisdom and the Word, Friends and Fiancés, and Financial Faithfulness. Soak in the advice our experienced leaders are willingly sharing and speak candidly about your own experiences in these areas.

Life After College is held on the first floor of the Martha Miller rotunda every Wednesday from 3:00pm-5:00pm and Thursday from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Senior Sarah Carpenter comments on her experience with the series, saying,

“The Life After College series has opened my eyes to new ideas and perspectives for post-grad life. I’m excited to apply some of the concepts that I’ve learned into my vocational experiences after I graduate.”

Life after college is a reality we will all need to eventually face, so take advantage of this great opportunity to prepare you mind, heart, relationships, and wallet for that next step of adulthood!

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