Employer Book | Spring Recruitment Fair 2021

The Virtual Recruiting Fair on Wednesday, February 24 will feature 45 awesome employers. Register and create your schedule on Handshake after you check out our lineup below! ATOMIC OBJECTIndustry: Internet & SoftwareWebsite: atomicobject.com Atomic Object designs and develops customsoftware products. We work across web, mobile, desktop, and embedded product development, “helping our clients innovate and […]

Another Round of Workshops: 30 Day Challenge

Over half way through the 30 Day Challenge, two new workshops were offered. One of them encompassed the idea of personal branding. This session was led by Mary Ellen Kettelhut, a Senior Career Advisor at the Boerigter Center, as well as Haley Wilson ’16, who works in Global Talent Acquisition for Tik Tok.  Brands are […]

So You Made a Networking Profile…Now What?: 30 Day Challenge

One of this week’s sessions was on networking profiles and what to do with them once you have one set up. This event was hosted by Megan Schedlt from the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career as well as Kelly Wolters ‘19 and current Digital Marketing Specialist at Herman Miller.  The three networking sites discussed […]

30 Day Challenge: Personal Finance

This week’s 30 Day Challenge had one session focused on Personal Finance. This session was hosted by Doug Iverson from the Department of Economics and Business as well as Amanda Root from The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career.  In our lives all of us will most likely invest in something whether it is a […]

Week 2 of the 30 Day Challenge: Major Discernment & DEI in the Workforce

In the second week of the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career’s 30-Day Challenge, there were two different workshops, one about Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace, and the second was about the process of major discernment. The major discernment session was hosted by three different BCCC staff members. Amy Freehafer and Yoli Vega who […]

Kickoff Workshop: The 30 Day Challenge

The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career is back into the swing of second semester with the kickoff of its 30 Day Challenge! The 30 Day Challenge, similar to Career Camp that was held in the Fall semester, is another opportunity put on by the BCCC that exposes students to more ways to prepare themselves […]