Major Life Decisions: Choosing Friends

Fish are friends, not food.
Fish are friends, not food.

Last week my friends and I took a major step forward in our relationship – we got fish together.

It all began with a trip to Meijer. We stood before the wall of glass tanks filled with colorful fish contemplating who we wanted to take home as our new friends. We made sure to be aware of the symbols indicating which types of fish were aggressive or sensitive so as to find friends that will definitely adapt well to their new home.

Kristin picked out Pongo and Sparky, Ashley picked out Freddie, and I picked out Bubbles. We anxiously watched as the fish guy caught our new friends, checked out and made the journey back to campus to introduce our fish (plus Steve the Snail who ended up in the bag with Pongo) to their new home sweet Hope.

Next we decorated their new crib (complete with Olaf and a tholos-esque ruin model) and helped them acclimate to the new environment – an exciting time in life.

Pure excitement. (possibly mixed with annoyance at me taking a picture while she was texting)
Pure excitement. (possibly mixed with annoyance at me taking a picture while she was texting)

And soon enough our new friends were all settled in!

Now we have fish friends to come home to! Though it isn’t as exciting as having your dog greet you when you walk through the door, it has still been a fun, positive life change that is highly recommended from my friends and I, to you and yours (If you are in a highly committed, fish-friendly relationship).

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