Long Car Ride to Florida.

My friends and I went to Florida for Spring Break, but we drove. It was about 16 hours, 1110 miles long drive from Holland to Jacksonville. For us it was better to drive because we needed a car in Florida, so we could visit different places. On the other hand, the ride was very long.

In the beginning it was fun. We talked a lot about different things, but after Atlanta it really got tiring. Luckily it was four of us in the car, so we took turns in driving. Two guys were awake driving and two guys were sleeping in the back. Personally, I saw new states of the United States like Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana. I saw different cities like Nashville, Louisville, and Atlanta.

I did not know one of the friends that was traveling with us very well, so we got know much better during that long ride. Despite the fact that the ride was very long, I got to know a lot of things about the other people that I would probably never told me. I made a big progress in my book and I got to see different cities of the United States, so in the end the long drive was actually enjoyable experience.

The car ride to Florida.
The car ride to Florida.
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