Five Movies We Really Should Be More Stoked For

5. Chappie. A coming of age story set in a grim future featuring a robot with a name so saccharine it would give a Gummi bear diabetes. Its 2016, and a robot police force controlled by corrupt and vindictive officers rules with an iron fist. A young scientist creates a machine capable of empathy and self-determination, hoping to pave a way for a future free of police brutality and human corruption. Cue the outrage of the militant police commanders and a driven industrialist played by Hugh Jackman and you’ve got a tender coming-of-age story wrapped in a spicy, crunchy action film, with a healthy helping of sci-fi on the side.

4. The Walk. The tale of an aspiring tightrope walker and his journey between the World Trade Center Towers. Assembling a team of international stuntmen, he undertakes one of the most ambitious and terrifying high-profile public performances the world has ever seen. Its basically Gordon-Levitt balancing on a length of rope suspended between two of the highest buildings ever built by man. In glorious 3D. You might want to bring friends along to pull you back into your seat for this one when it hits theaters in October.

3. Ex Machina. In what looks to be a darker tale of suspense and psychological manipulation, a bearded scientist creates a remarkably advanced AI inhabiting the mechanical body of an android designed to resemble a young woman. An advanced intelligence confined to the residence of her secretive creator, she yearns to see the world beyond the walls of her home; and in the midst of this is a young man who might be falling in love with her. Its one of those movies.

2. True Story. Jonah Hill and James Franco star in this chilling thriller about stolen identities, psychopaths, hidden agendas and a pursuit for truth. This might be slightly more engaging than The Interview.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road. Some of the best costume designs I’ve seen since The Lord of the Rings. Awesome off-road deathmatches. Need I say more?

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