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I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday. Last night I was in St. Joseph, Michigan, for my sorority’s Spring Formal. The hotel that hosted us was just kitty corner to the downtown. I was surprised at how cute the town was, and thought I’d share in my blog post this week. St. Joseph is only an hour away from Hope, and makes for a pretty great getaway.

The streets were brick, which I loved. I love the feeling of being in a small town. Below the street was the beach, as you can see in the first photo. In the lit up building is a carousel and game center; we wanted to go in, but there was a prom going on inside.

Once we saw how pretty the sun was going down, we decided we needed ice cream to go with it. So we found a little place called the Chocolate Cafe. Here they had live music playing and tons of chocolate treats, including the ice cream that we wanted.

It was $4.00 for a scoop, but they gave us so much that it was worth it, not to mention how good it tasted. Quality ice cream, if you’re looking for some. They also had cakes and other baked goods. I even saw some fancy hot chocolate. It’s a pretty great idea for a store, if you ask me.

When we got to the beach it was pretty dark out, but that didn’t stop us from jumping on the swing sets and enjoying the night. When it got too cold, we decided to head back up. It was on our way back that we found a Falafel Shop, The Beachside Deli, and one of the guys in our group stopped to get one.

After that we head back to the hotel to just hang out. It was really nice to get away from Hope and explore somewhere else for a bit, even if it was just an hour away. I’m so glad there was stuff to do downtown, since dancing and all that formal jazz isn’t really my thing.

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