Skiing, UP, Cats, and Snow :\

Welcome back everyone!

I don’t know about you, but my Christmas break was just what I needed. It was a time full of relaxation and family. So wow. It was a whirlwind. I’ll give you a little walkthrough using some photos I took.










My boyfriend, Jeff, and I went to the Holland Crazy Bounce! Let me tell you, it is a crazy good time. Admission is really cheap, and there are a ton of bouncey houses and slides and obstacle courses. We had a blast. One of my favorites was the TIGER SLIDE. Above is me sitting on the tigers paw. It took many attempts to get up there!


My boyfriend was super lucky and went to Mexico for part of break. So what did the little Eskimo stuck in Michigan do? Of course, I dug out his mom’s truck and his car! After the record snowfall in Holland, there was a lot to do after only a week of leaving the cars. I had to shovel a lot :\.


Upon arriving back at Hope, I got my car stuck. Four times. Here is one of my escapades. Don’t ask why I was so close to my house ! ;).

Cat time

Please tell me, what is winter break without a good animal cuddle sesh? I spent a lot of time cuddling up with my cat, Simba!!!! It’s something you don’t think about often at school, but I MISS MY ANIMALS!


I went to Goodwill over break and got some photo frames for $.50 each. I gave them a little paint job to match my room and added photos! Ok, I didn’t add the leopard. That was already there.

The Mackinaw Bridge
The Mackinaw Bridge

All of my relatives live in the Upper Peninsula, where I am originally from. We took many trips across the Mackinaw Bridge. Look how pretty the Ice is!!!


My grandma lives in a really tiny town named Engadine, Michigan. They opened a new restaurant there, so here we are trying out the new Pine and Dine!

Cleaning out the ties
Cleaning out the ties

My stepdad has a lucrative amount of ties. He claims he can tell them all apart but I really don’t believe it. There has to be multiples in there somewhere. My mom and sister decided they were not only going to count but organize the ties. They gave up halfway through. There were over 300 ties. PUH-LEASE. Really ? How could you ever need that many.

Skiing with my mom
Skiing with my mom

I did an amazing amount of skiing over break. I love to XC ski, as I was the captain in high school! Last year I had hip surgery and had to sit out the season, so it was nice to finally get back out on the snow!

My dog gunner with his stuffed animal dogs
Gunner with his friends

For Christmas, we got my dog some friends. He definitely needed them. And now he cuddles them all the time!

Boyfriend brings rose and chocolate
Jeff brings me a rose and chocolate!

Oh, I just have to brag a little that my boyfriend showed up with MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS. A rose and Godiva chocolate. Good job, Jeff.

ANYWAYS! How was your break? I hope successful and relaxing! Do you have any questions about what it’s like to go on break as a Junior in college?

Please please please. Email me about anything! I love to hear from prospective and current students! Email me at, or tweet me @hopeamanda15!



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