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There is something that I can’t stop thinking about. Lately, I’ve been hooked on journaling and reflecting and usually that takes the form of me writing letters to God. It’s so eye-opening, sometimes I have to write Him a letter three times a day. It’s just about the things that are going on in my head, but it’s calming and refreshing and I’ve been addicted ever since I started journaling at the beginning of last summer.

Something that I’ve been praying and writing letters about lately is where I feel closest to God. The Holland State Park on the beach is one of those places, as well as Hope’s Pine Grove. But one place that I feel the absolute closest to God (as in I feel like I’ve died, gone to heaven, and God is holding me in His arms) is somewhere that I’ve only spent five days time in: Colorado.

I’ve done a previous blog post about Colorado and how my family and I got to take my sister out there for her to be a camp counselor. It is safe to say that this was the most amazing traveling experience I’ve had in my life – the beauty there is unmatched to anywhere else. I’ve never experienced some of the things in Michigan that Colorado had to offer me while I was there. Michigan is beautiful in its own way, but Colorado’s beauty is a different thing altogether. Never have I experienced God in such abundance. I saw him everywhere.

Vista at Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

Let me explain this picture. The location is at the beginning of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It is a the very top of a mountain and has the most gorgeous view I’ve ever seen. I took it when my heart was about to explode from God’s presence and movement in me. I don’t think such a palate of colors ever existed until God created this spot. I don’t think there were ever so many textures, layers, and awe-inspiring highs and lows until it existed. Honesty time: I almost started crying when I took this picture because my heart was so full, and I still get teary eyed as I see it whenever I open my laptop (it’s my laptop’s background).

I didn’t really have a point to prove or a theme in mind when I started writing this post, I just thought I’d reminisce on Colorado and see where it took me, but I think that from writing this, I’ve discovered a hope that I have for everyone.  My hope for everyone is that they can find a place that they feel closest to God, where they feel His movement more than ever. Whether that place be a job, a hobby, or a state, I hope everyone can feel their heart being filled like mine was when I was in Colorado.

Another thing I think I’ve learned through writing this is that the point of my life is to find places where I feel closest to God and live into those places and work with what He has to offer me there. I don’t know if God is calling me to move to Colorado after I graduate or what He’s even calling me to do tomorrow. All I know is that, in Colorado, I feel Him, I see Him, and I understand Him just a little better than anywhere else. I want to be filled up constantly like I was when I was standing on top of that mountain, and if that’s where God fills me up most, then that’s where I want to be.

Thanks for lending a listening ear, Readers. You’ve really inspired me today. 🙂

Until next time!

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