Nykerk season has now arrived

Hey everyone! I hope is everyone is having a great week! I have been having a fabulous week and have been quite busy. I am now involved with Nykerk, and I am really enjoying it! Nykerk is Hope tradition that is between even and odd year. It is similar to “the Pull” because there are […]

Good Food For The Common Good…… Good Results

On Wednesday Hope College sponsored a critical issues symposium and the theme for this year was “Good Food For The Common Good.” The school brought in different speakers to talk about the current issue of food. It took place starting Tuesday night and ran through Wednesday afternoon. Classes were cancelled for the day so students […]

Student Congress Retreat = Success

Hey Everyone!  I hope you are having an awesome weekend. I thought I would just fill you in on my Student Congress retreat I went on a couple weekends ago. First of all Student Congress is kind of like the Student Council high school version. It is formed by different representatives from college living, so […]

Time is flying

Wow! I cannot believe how fast college is going. I am enjoying everyday. I have been busy trying to undertake new extra-curricular activities. I have so far participated in: ·      Student Congress·      Hip-Hop Club·      Running Club·      Poverty and Medicine Club·      Sailing Club·      Bible Study·      Yoga Club Hope has so much to offer. I like being […]