The Highs and Lows of a Collegiate Athlete

Often times as people, we throw all of our weight into temporary happenings. Don’t worry, I’m the exact same way. To prove it, let me tell you a quick story:

Last weekend, my family came to visit for the first time this school year. Naturally, I had a “picture perfect” plan in my head of what I wanted the few days to look like. I figured my family would arrive for our Friday night soccer game, which of course we would win handily. Following the game, I was already looking forward to the non-Phelps (free, might I add) meal with the people who love me most. To close the night, I’d get to bed early with a full stomach and then get to do it all over again on Saturday!

However, per-usual, my plans failed miserably. Merely twenty minutes into our Friday night game, us Dutchmen found ourselves down 3-0. Thirty minutes into the game I found myself on the bench, where I would remain for the rest of the weekend. I was crushed. My pride had taken a major blow, and I felt as if my identity had been smothered.

Don’t get me wrong, the weekend was still incredible. I got to see my parents, my sister, and my girlfriend! My steak at Logan’s Roadhouse after the game Friday night was still delicious. But at the same time, I felt defeated. I felt like I had failed my family, that they had driven seven hours from Pittsburgh for nothing! Just like my initial plans, I could not have been more off the mark with these beliefs. I was reminded of a few extremely important things last weekend.

  1. Our identities are not found in temporary worldly events. Rather, they are found in Christ. Soccer is an important part of my life no doubt, but it is not my everything. Jesus holds my future, and he knows what is best for me. Above all else, he has a plan.
  2. My family loves me unconditionally, whether I’m on the field for 90 minutes, or cheering on my teammates from the sidelines.
  3. The valleys in our lives are temporary. That being said, so are the mountains. As our assistant coach Lee Schopp has been repeatedly reminding us this year, “You’re never that GOOD, but you’re also never that BAD. You’re somewhere in between.”

A week later here I am, on a mountain. I scored my first collegiate goal last night. However, now I know, soccer is not my anchor.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week. He has BIG plans for you.

With love,


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My Name is Steve Binnig and I'm a freshman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I can basically sum up my life in three words: Jesus, Soccer, and Haiti. Keep up with me on Social Media! Twitter: @stevebinnig Instagram: @stevebinnig

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  1. Loved reading this, Steve! I know you’re going to have some awesome experiences at Hope, and I love your perspective … God has an awesome plan for you! I will be following you and praying for you!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! And i mean. WOW! This kid is such a talent in the blogging industry. Any of you premier blogging agents out there, get your checkbooks ready. I’ve never met this so called “Steve”, but i feel like I’m best friends due to his tone and style. I can’t say it enough Steve. I. Love. You.

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