57 Playlists: A Dissection of Music – Different Activities

Happy Sunday, Readers! How ya doing? Feeling the stress of finals already? I sure am… I’m five papers and one portfolio deep in words, words, words. So I’m about to give you some more words to read! Here’s my second post about music, except this time we’ll be dissecting the different types of music to listen to while doing different activities. Let’s get started!

Scenario 1: What am I doing? Working out, any time of the day. Mood: ENERGETIC. Lots of energy whenever I decide to work out or go on a run. For this, we need something very upbeat to get through the endless circles  at the Dow or crunches in your bedroom.

The ideal music choices we have for working out are:

  • Spotify Playlist: Epic Roadtrip
  • Band: Twenty One Pilates or Beyoncé (you can never go wrong)
  • Song: Sorry // Justin Bieber

Scenario 2: What am I doing? Walking to work, 8:00 a.m. Mood: Taking into account the chilly air and the sleepiness  from waking up just 37 minutes ago, my mood is unmotivated. For this activity, we need something that’s a little deeper and soulful. Not quite upbeat, but not so dreary that I fall back asleep on my long walk.

So the ideal music choices we have to fit the mornings are:

  • Spotify Playlist: Winter Acoustics
  • Band: James Bay
  • Song: Maybe Sparrow // Neko Case

Scenario 3: What am I doing? Anything around my house (maybe cleaning or doing laundry) or in the library between the dates of November 27th and December 26th. Mood: Christmas joy. During this time of the year, the best music is Christmas music, am I right? For these types of activities, we need straight up holiday jingles. But lets give it a twist because the classics get a little worn out.

The ideal music choices we have to bum around the house and be jolly are:

  • Spotify Playlist: Folksy Christmas
  • Band: Sufjan Stevens (His whole Christmas album is gold)
  • Song: Christmas Isn’t Christmas // The Boy Least Likely To OR Once in Royal David’s City // Sufjan Stevens (can’t get enough!)

And there you have it for what to listen to for different activities as you go throughout your day! Try these different tunes out and let me know if you have any suggestions for me. I love getting new stuff to listen to!

Enjoy this last week before finals, Readers!

Until next time!

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