Overnight Stay at Hope

If you are prospective or admitted student you can spend a night or nights with current student. At Hope we call it an overnight visit. I have done one of those two weeks ago with my friend from Sweden. Unlike from other students, I knew him for two years, so we did not have to break the ice by all kinds of questions, so my jobs was easier from this point of view.

Personally, I was highly interested in what he, as an independent person and first time visitor, likes the most about Hope College and Holland. He stayed with me from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday early morning. I gave him the campus, showed him City of Holland and Windmill Island. Unfortunately, the weather was very unpleasant, so on the way to Windmill Island, the wind was truly strong and cold. He went to two of my classes, ate in the Phelps Dining Hall, and of course he stayed with me in the room, so he experienced a night in the dormitory.

After his experiences and speaking with him, he liked the food, campus, people, and area the most. We had four meals at Phelps and he said that the popcorn chicken here (Hope College) is better than in most of the restaurants that he ate. The scrambled eggs were a favorite as well. He thought that campus was as beautiful as he was expecting based on the virtual campus tour and people were very welcoming and nice. Lastly, he liked the downtown of Holland because it has everything that college student needs in one’s life and it reminded him Sweden little bit.

I think my friend really enjoyed his short stay at Hope College, so if you are thinking of doing overnight stay, then I would highly recommend it.

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