Notice to NSF FastLane Users with Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple NSF accounts linked to the same email address, you will have until 20 August 2019 to migrate all your data to ONE account.

How will I know if I have multiple accounts linked to an email address?
You will receive an error message when you login to FastLane indicating “Multiple Accounts Found” as a pop-up message.  If you do not receive the error message pop-up, no further action is required.

What do I do if I receive the message?
Contact the NSF Help Desk at 1-800-381-1532 to merge your accounts into one.

What happens if I do not merge my accounts?
After 20 August 2019, NSF will suspend your access to their systems.  You will be unable to perform any NSF-related tasks on your proposals or awards.  It is critical that you contact the NSF Help Desk as soon as possible to clean-up your multiple accounts.

Why is NSF eliminating the ability of PIs to have multiple accounts?
NSF policy states that individual users may only have ONE NSF ID.  This allows better tracking of individual outcomes for data reporting purposes.  It also ensures that your accounts are attributed to the correct home institution.

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