Kristin Dittenhafer-Reed receives new NSF award

Kristin Dittenhafer-Reed received a new National Science Foundation award in the amount of $207,901 for a project titled RUI: Mechanisms of regulation of mitochondrial DNA transcription.  The award period is 1 August 2018 through 31 July 2021.

This project will explore how mitochondria work and provide significant advances related to genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that control mammalian cell function.  This work will have an impact on researchers examining certain diseases in which mitochondria cells are not functioning properly, including researchers examining neurological disorders, certain types of cancer, and rare genetic disorders involving mitochondrial DNA damage.

Not only will this project involve scientific advances in the fields of biology, biochemistry, and genetics, the project also will engage Hope students in undergraduate research experiences.  Each year, three undergraduate students will engage in summer research assistantships, with a special emphasis in placing women, first year undergraduate students, and underrepresented students in these positions each year.

Please join me in congratulating Kristin on her new NSF award and accomplishment!


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