Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet to collaborate with Baylor University on new Templeton Religion Trust award

Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, Professor of Psychology, recently received a three year, $343,445 award from Templeton Religion Trust to study accountability.  Dr. vanOyen-Witvliet will collaborate with C. Stephen Evans, Byron R. Johnson, and Sung Joon Jang at Baylor University, which serves as the lead institution on the $2 million project.  Researchers from Havard Medical School and the University of St. Andrews are also participating on the project.

The project will seek to understand how accountability is embodied as a virtue, its relation to other human characteristics, and how people can show virtue within a wide variety of supervisory, supervised, and peer relationships.  One of the key outcomes of the project is being able to measure virtue empirically–which has the potential to impact a number of academic disciplines and applied settings.

Congratulations, Charlotte, on your new award!

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