So Many Good Things

Friends and Family! Today was day two of the sports camp and it was even better than the first. We started off the day by eating breakfast, which was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and oatmeal. The girl campers who spent the night joined us and afterwards we went to Poetice’s Wednesday morning prayer set. Prayer set is when their church family and community are invited to the Ministry Center on Wednesday mornings to worship through music, scripture, and sharing together. Violet shared scriptures with us about our identities. That we are Jesus’ friend, we are each a new creation, and we are his masterpiece. As that was finishing, the boy campers started to trickle in and we played a bunch of games before Lance gave our devotion today. Once we rallied the campers by having all the girls sing “When the Dutch” (which they prepared the night before) and everyone did our camp chant “Be Strong, Be True”, we went to our six stations for the morning. For lunch, we had egg salad sandwiches to fuel us up for our afternoon games. The four games that we played today were volleyball and soccer for the boys and relays and ultimate frisbee for the girls. The girls wrapped up early and we had the chance to talk in small groups together and then we finished up camp. Today was the day that the girls on our team got to bring water filters to the camper’s families in the nearby community while sharing God’s word, and the boys stayed on the base for their overnight. When we got back we had nshima again for dinner before the girls on our team went over to Nikkie’s to share our experiences so far on this trip and in our faith. The boys kept the fun going by playing ultimate hide and seek and having a bonfire. We just finished up our debrief of the day with lots of good reflection and laughter before going to bed! We are so excited for the last day of camp full of competitions and celebration!

Ta-ta for now!
Libby and Mia

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