“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Hello friends and family! Today was our final day of the sports clinic. We started our beautiful day with breakfast that consisted of PB&Js and oatmeal – thanks Mama C! We ate with the boys today since they spent the night, which was a blast! The team then set-up for the final day of activities and then we met in the worship center for another spectacular session after the campers arrived. Today’s activities were more competitive than the previous days. Courtney had created 8 different teams that had a mixture of all ages and genders which also included the Hope athletes! The stations were 100-yard dash, soccer ball accuracy, softball toss, Mato-Mato (a Zambian balance game), and broad jump. After those stations had finished and the points were calculated, we played a “winner takes all” all-sport relay challenge – shout out to Lance! Team Vikali (a.k.a Team Power) took home the crown and then we had rice and eggs for lunch! The teams then showed off their creative cheers and headed back to the worship center for the closing celebration. The magnificent Linda announced the winners for the final day’s events. The 12 of us Hope athletes were given the opportunity to watch throughout the week for campers who had exemplified great leadership, encouragement, sportsmanship, or energy throughout the week; Campers who left a special impact on us throughout the clinic. It was very special to experience the campers feeling “seen” and the room was filled with happy tears and smiles. Once we said goodbye to our campers, we had downtime until dinner so we decided to stay active by playing soccer and volleyball with some of the Poetice staff. We then had dinner which consisted of chili, sweet bread, and salad. The team then attended Poetice’s Worship and Word service that their church family is invited to each Thursday night to worship together! Kids from our sports clinic attended and the fun continued. The night was full of heavy hearts as we had to say some final goodbyes, but also filled with joy as we prayed over one another during the service. Abby’s talk challenged several of us, and the worship inspired us. We then had our nightly debrief which ended up being a lengthy discussion as we unpacked the day and the ways our faith has been impacted so far this week. So it ended up being a “de-long” not a “de-brief” (according to Libby). After great reflection, we played a game called, “Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza” – or TCGCP for short! We are ecstatic to help out around the base by completing various service projects and having a family fun day tomorrow with Poetice’s staff.

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Reece and Delaney

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