See you later, not goodbye.

Hello friends, family, and followers! This is Courteney Barnes and Sean Gliebe coming at you from Livingstone and our last night in Zambia. L

This morning we woke up early for breakfast at 6:00AM and afterwards packed up the van with all of our bags. Once us and the bags were all packed into the van, we said our final goodbyes to Choma. We were headed to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls and do a game drive. After a 3 hour drive we got to stretch out our legs and explore the beautiful Victoria Falls. Even though the falls were pretty dry, it was still an incredible sight to see. We took many different paths that led to new views of the Falls. At each spot we tried to take a lot of pictures to remember the beauty that God brought to this place. There was a small market outside of the entrance to Victoria Falls and some people explored around there and got some souvenirs.

Next we headed back to move our stuff into the hotel for the night. We ate a quick lunch before we got picked up for our game drive. Two trucks came to pick us up at the hotel and drove us to the national park where the safari would take place. Right away, we saw a group of elephants swimming along the riverbank. We saw lots of impalas, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, buffalos, wildabeasts, baboons, birds, and hippos. After going through we headed to a designated area for white rhinos. We were able to get out of the trucks and escorted by armed guards to go up close to the rhinos. It was important that we stayed in a single file line and remain quiet so we did not startle any of the rhinos. Jake, Sam, and David were taking a picture when a rhino started to make its way towards us. We had to slowly back away and all was good, he just wanted to say hi! On our way back out, we saw most of the animals again.

We came back to the hotel and rested for a bit before heading to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Most people got pizza or pasta and it was SO good. We then went to get some gelato for dessert which topped off an awesome last day.

We finished the night with a debrief. We shared about how this trip has impacted our life and how God has influenced us. Everyone got to share their thoughts. Thank you Zambia, it has been amazing!!!!

Signing off,
Courteney and Sean

A: Great food but no atmosphere.
Q: What is Harry Potter’s favorite way of getting down a hill?

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