Final Day!

Jake and Avery here to close out the final blog of our Zambian experience. We started the morning off with breakfast at a place called Zigzag.  Prior to our meal, we had our last debrief with the Poetice staff. We talked about reentry back into American culture and how to use what we learned throughout the trip to continue our faith back in the states.

After demolishing the stacks of flavor blasted pancakes, we traveled downtown to the Livingstone market. This is where we learned who was good at bartering and who was not. Myself and Ave had it nailed to a science, but can’t say the same for everyone else.  The hot commodities were chitenges, magnets, and wooden crafts.  Everyone spent the last of their kwacha and then we headed to the bus to start the marathon of a journey back home.

After our short 2 hour flight this morning, we are currently sitting in the Johannesburg Airport. Our next flight will be about twelve hours long, followed by a 9 hour flight to get us to Chicago. While we wait for the plane, we will be playing card games and eating our last dinner together.

Thank you for following along through our incredible trip. We love our fans and hope that you enjoyed the jokes of the day. See you soon back in the States!

One last thing, a special birthday shoutout to Coach Kopas!!!

Yesterday’s answer: Walking……J.K. Rowling

-Jake and Avery



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