Camp Day 3 and Filters!

Mwabuka buti!

This is Emma and Arinn and we first want to thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers for this trip. We are truly witnessing God work in amazing ways, both in our lives and in this community of people.

Today was the third day of sports camps. We are making lots of wonderful connections with the children that are coming and participating. Today Mallory shared part of her story to the kids, and was able to show and share God’s power. In the afternoon sports camps our patience was tested by the incredible wind that lasted all day and made several of the sports much more interesting, but they went really well in the end!

This afternoon we had the opportunity to break up into small groups and go into the community bringing Sawyer water filters, and sharing God’s word through them. It was an eye-opening experience to see the families look at the unclean water in the bucket and then the clean filtered water in the glass, and realize that they could now actually drink the water from the shallow wells in their communities (that are unsafe to drink as is). We also were able to see their homes, and some of their daily routines, like how food is prepared, how laundry is washed, and where they sleep at night. The kids at each home were filled with so much joy at the sight of the clean water, and the fact that they can now drink the same water that they previously only used for baths and dishes.

Through the demonstrations we were able to explain how the filter represents Jesus.  That once we truly know Him and accept Him into our lives, we go from being unclean and sinful, to a new creation.  Forgiven.  While sharing the gospel we noticed large groups around the demonstrations listening to God’s word and how the water would change things. Each group visited multiple homes in the community to hand out the filters, and it was a great part of our day.

We had some time for some team bonding before dinner, and we were able to have a lot of fun being together. Our group has grown very close and it is crazy to think that we came together a week ago.  It has been really amazing to see the vulnerability of the group and the willingness for people to open up and share about their life and faith journey.

We had another amazing worship session tonight that was able to speak to a lot of students and continue to let them see how awesome God truly is.

We realized today we never gave the final report on the lost luggage…but it was found and returned to its original owners!  So all is good on that front.  Thanks again for following along on our journey.

Emma & Arinn

A: Bi-son
Q: Why didn’t the car start?

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