Day 3 – Fleas, water, and Jesus

Day 3: Fleas, Water, & Jesus 

Nick is officially a dog dad now. And there’s a good chance that he definitely has fleas. We came home from our daily adventure and we found Peanut (formerly known as “suitcase in Spanish”) in his suitcase. 

Today’s adventure started off with a 5:30 wake up call… yikes. We headed out after our breakfast to Los Chiles where we hung out and played sports with kids of all ages. Side note: we got to drive past a volcano and trying to use the nearest bathroom with a cat looking at you was quite an experience. Back to business, although it was controlled chaos at moments playing with the kids, it was a blast. 

After what felt like three hours of playing, which was in reality more like one or two, we enjoyed a lovely lunch. From there we really got to the meat of our day: our first water filter demonstrations. 

The trip revolves around our love for God, sports, and bringing clean water. Nick, Mason, and Luke led the water demonstration. When it came time to show how amazing the Sawyer filters are, the three all took sips from the newly filtered water—the crowd began to applaud. It was very powerful and amazing to see the peoples’ reactions. As a result, five people in the crowd committed their lives to God. In total, about 80 filters were distributed to the people. 

After that excitement, we enjoyed a nice cinnamon roll break before making the two hour bus ride back to Platanar. 

Mike and Noelle

Installing water filters.
Noelle and Mike
Nick, Luke, and Mason demonstrate the water filters while Carlos translates.
Noelle having fun with the kids.

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