Day 2 -Costa Rica

Day 2


Today was our first day of sports clinics. Our day started bright and early at 6:20 with a wake up call followed by breakfast at 6:50. If I might say so myself the mangoes at breakfast were the bomb. We headed out for a school in San Jose at 7:45. When we arrived after the 40 minute bus ride, we set up two stations in the outdoor gym. The two sports we focused on teaching the 1st and 2nd graders were baseball and American football. The football stations taught them how to throw the ball, while the baseball station played a mini game of baseball.  

The kids were energetic and all over the place but very loving. They were happy to learn sports they haven’t played before. We spent a little bit over an hour with each grade, and Nick, Noelle, Mitchel, and Mason aka Messi, as they called him, were able to share their stories with the kids. After our time was up we headed back to AMCA for lunch before leaving for Platanar. We had a long 3 hour bus ride through the mountains as high as the clouds. The bus ride was as bumpy and winding as a roller coaster. We finally arrived to the place where we were staying, we walked to a nearby river skipped some rocks, caught some tadpoles and got really muddy. Then played some golf—the card game that is— before dinner and ended the night with a nice meal and devotional time. Hopefully we don’t get rabies or fleas from the stray dog Mason and Luke petted.

Buenos Noches!

Luke and Arika 

Arika and Luke
Luke teaching the kids.
Arika teaching waffle ball.
Nicole’s fan club reading the Bible verse on the back of her shirt.

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