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New college students the world over begin their undergraduate studies by spending a few days being oriented to the academic life by faculty, staff, and more experienced students. The Hope-Western Prison Education Program students at Muskegon Correctional Facility are no different. There won’t be the usual campus tours or “getting to know you” games common to the 18-year old crowd. And the HWPEP orientation will be spread over three months instead of three days. But many of the things traditional undergrads need to find their bearings are shared by HWPEP’s incarcerated students. Here is a rundown of the what, why, and who of the HWPEP orientation:

Why Go To College?Receive affirmation, inspiration, motivation, and adviceDr. Fred Johnson
The Degree ProgramUnderstand the elements of the BA in Faith, Leadership, and ServiceDr. Richard Ray
ResearchLearn to do research effectively and responsiblyKelly Jacobsma and Jessica Hronchek
The Prison ContextUnderstand how higher education and prison life intersect, hear the hopes of prison officialsMichigan Department of Corrections Officials
WritingPrepare to write wellKatlyn DeVries
CommunityLearn in communityDrs. Curtis Gruenler and Dennis Feaster
Study SkillsRead, discuss, and take notes and tests successfullyDr. David Escobar Arcay
What is
Liberal Arts
Explore the liberal arts in the context of the Christian faith Presidents Matthew Scogin and Felix Theonugraha, Dean Sandra Visser

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