Volunteer Opportunities for winter/spring semester for Hope classes!

Second Semester Opportunities for Volunteering for Hope Classes

Special thanks to the 31 HASP members who have already volunteered for Hope classes. Professor Van Duinen asked for 14 volunteers for her senior seminar and 14 volunteered. Professor Stephen Scogin asked for one volunteer and one volunteered. Developmental Psychology needs 24 volunteers and 16 have already volunteered. Please contact Elliot Tanis, 396-2228 or 616-368-1697, or better yet, tanis@hope.edu, if you are interested in volunteering for one of the Developmental Psychology sections and specify which one.

The 4 sections of Developmental Psychology will be taught by Professors Carrie Bredow, Daniel Zomerlei, Tami Rigterink, and Kristen Hunsberger so 24 volunteers are needed. You will meet with 3 or 4 groups of 5 or 6 students and share your insights as you reflect on your adult years and respond to questions from the students. Professor Carrie Bredow’s class meets on Wednesday, April 22, 11:00-11:50 and she already has six volunteers. Professor Tami Rigterink’s class meets on Tuesday, April 21, 9:30-10:50 and she needs four additional volunteers. Professor Kristen Hunsberger’s class meets on Tuesday, April 21, 12:00-1:20 and she needs three more volunteers. Professor Daniel Zomerlei’s class meets on Tuesday, April 21, 3:00-4:20 and he needs three additional volunteers.

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