Curriculum Update

This portion of the newsletter is the first official duty I am performing as your new Curriculum Committee chairperson. As such, I would like to take this brief paragraph to thank the HASP Board of Directors for approving my appointment to this important position. I am truly honored. I would also like to thank Sharon Arendshorst, who has taken great pains to bring me up to speed and who has, over the last several years, streamlined and formalized the curriculum process, making it much easier for me, or anyone, to take on this role. Finally, many thanks to Carol Crawford who encouraged me to work on curriculum in the first place, and Larry Lynn, Chair of the Social Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee, whose leadership has reinforced the process for me and kept it moving along efficiently.

HASP summer classes for 2022 are underway! I do hope that you have had a chance to examine our summer catalog as it offers a plethora of interesting courses covering topics as diverse as beekeeping, automatic transmissions, and the Ox-Bow School of Art. As in the past, courses are being offered in a variety of modalities; 26 of 31 courses have in-person components while 20 of them can be attended remotely. For those of you who have not enrolled, there is still time to register for July and August courses.

Although summer may seem like a time to relax, behind the scenes our subcommittees are busily working on Fall 2022 courses. There will likely be a lineup of over 100 sessions. Stay tuned!

One issue our president and my predecessor, Sharon Arendshorst, has stressed in the past is course attendance. I will continue to stress this myself and will be saying more about it in the future. For now, please show up for classes in which you have enrolled. This is not only good for you and your mind, but it makes those classes more lively and interesting, honors the efforts of the coordinator and presenter, and, in very subtle ways, ensures the vitality of the entire HASP organization. All constituents, students, coordinators, and presenters are positively impacted by your attendance. And if you can’t attend, please notify the HASP office ( to allow wait-listed members the opportunity to attend.

2022–2023 Curriculum Subcommittee Leadership

HASP Small Interest Groups (SIGs)

Small Interest Groups (SIGs) are member-initiated and group-directed. In a large organization such as HASP, they provide opportunities for our members to meet each other to learn, explore, and experience activities of a common interest. Contact the SIG leaders below for more information or to join.

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