SIG (Small Interest Group) opportunties this semester!

SIG (Small Interest Groups) – free, member initiated groups and directed groups.

• SIG for Gardeners will meet on Thursday, February 13th at 3:00 p.m. at the Zylman home located at 92 W. 40th Street. Landis will share his knowledge and experience in growing and caring for house plants. Please contact Barbara Stegink (bstegink39@gmail) if you are interested in learning more about this group.
• SIG for Nurses and Doctors is a new S.I.G. is being proposed by Dr. David Blatt. Nurses bear witness to such a broad swath of the human condition, probably uniquely so. David is proposing a HASP group of nurses and their doctor groupies to share memorable stories of observed pathos and courage and funny stuff and everything in between. The group could pledge to one of those “what-is-said-here-stays-here” kinds of agreements. If interested, please contact David Blatt via so we can organize a time and place for an initial get together.
• SIG Read, Learn, Discuss – All Welcome to Watch on February 20th
HASP members are welcome to join the Read, Learn, Discuss S.I.G. on February 20th at 2:40pm to watch I Am Not Your Negro, a 2016 documentary film based on the work of James Baldwin. In 1979, Baldwin sent a letter to his literary agent describing his next project. The new book was to be an account of the lives and deaths by assassination of Medger Evers, Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr. Baldwin never completed this book, but film maker Raoul Peck uses Baldwin’s words and archival footage to explore history from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter.
The S.I.G. will also meet March 19 and April 16 to read and discuss James Baldwin’s 1963 book,
The Fire Next Time. For information, contact David Brower, Ann Weller, or Debra Williamson.
• SIG for Hikers – If you are interested in planning where and when we will be hiking this spring, add to your calendars a HASP Hikers planning meeting on Tuesday, March 3, immediately after the monthly meeting. The meeting will likely last 30 minutes. The monthly meeting is at the Civic Center so we will meet in the lobby near the fireplace. Bring your ideas, Ottawa County Parks maps, and calendars.
• SIG for Books and Writers will meet on Tuesday, March 10 at 11:15 am, specific HASP location TBD. We will continue the discussion of Flint by reading Michael Moore’s memoir “Here Comes Trouble: Stories from my Life.” Questions, please contact Sue Bohlander at or 616.566.7484.

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