Friday NOON Series, March 15, 2019

It was exactly 50 years ago during the week of March 15 that Dr. Donald Williams was interviewed by Hope College to become a professor of Chemistry. On his way to breakfast at the Eastown Russ’ he noted a sign along Chicago Dr., LEMMON USED CARS. Upon leaving he saw a marquee sign at a nearby dry cleaner, BRIDAL CHESTS AVAILABLE FOR GOWNS. He thought about how many meanings could be applied to each of them. On his way to the interview he passed, DR. PIEPER – OPTOMETRIST. How appropriate that seemed to him. That was the beginning of his “Funny Sign Slide Show”. Now retired, Don’s growing collection has about 3000 such signs from which to choose for a presentation suited for almost any audience. He and his family have photographed many of the signs, but he acknowledges some of the best ones are from his friends. They include poorly worded headlines, confused translations, misspellings and inappropriately placed notices.
Don’s dry sense of humor, sense of timing and sequencing of the slides makes for a hilarious program. However, be warned – it is for the strictly literal, the slow reader, nor those offended by an occasional risque reference!
You are invited to relax and approach the presentation with an open mind and ready to laugh. This fast moving show will last about 30 minutes. Join us in the HASP classroom on Friday, March 15, at noon.

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