Testimonial: Diana Nelson

Diana Nelson

… When I moved to Michigan from Chicago, I did not know anyone except my son and his family. They are the reason that I moved here back in 2012, and I have joyfully watched his children grow and have been so thankful for the opportunity to do so. However, you know that kids’ priority is not hanging out with their grandmother, and so when someone told me about HASP, I jumped at the chance to meet people around my age. IT IS ABSOLUTELY MY BEST DECISION EVER.

If you have a copy of the latest course proposals for January through March and beyond, you will see the incredible variety of offerings for all members. I sign up for some via zoom (especially morning classes) because I have a dog, Romper, who like me is a slow mover in the AM. Then I sign up for other classes which are in person, as all of them were prior to Covid. It is the best way in the world to meet people who are lifelong learners, who have incredibly interesting backgrounds, and who share a commitment to discussing issues on an intellectual level. I am sure that within the HASP community, all political viewpoints are represented, but people are more than respectful.

In the beginning I started going to the Non-fiction books group, and after about three years, I was asked to take over its leadership. So, my big volunteer job is running this program every semester. It is great. I send out a list of book choices for the next semester, and folks vote on the four they would like to read and discuss. Then I twist arms to find members willing to lead the discussions, because we all take turns. At the present time, I am also on the Board of Directors and participate in some of the Board’s subcommittees.

I can fill you in on some background on classes; for example, any course taught by Fred Johnson fills up immediately. He is extremely popular.

My best advice is to realize that given the altered reality involving Covid, it will be difficult to see and enjoy HASP at its best. But it is still a GREAT value. We shall hope that little by little HASP will return to its more sociable former self.

Diana Nelson
January 2022

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