Director’s Message

It is hard to believe July 1 already marks my one-month anniversary with HASP. The days and weeks have flown by, but that just means we are having fun!

Here are some highlights from the last month:

  • Golfing alongside Sharon Arendshorst, Brad Bright, and Scott Travis in the Bob DeYoung Hope Classic Golf Outing
  • Formally introducing myself at the Annual Business Meeting
  • Launching the Summer 2022 term featuring a variety of courses available in-person, virtually, in a hybrid format, and offsite
  • Attending the June 2022 Board of Directors meeting to celebrate our retiring Board members and welcome our newly elected leadership
  • Hosting the inaugural HASPY Hour event
  • Meeting and working with our dedicated team of front desk volunteers
  • Witnessing the true wonder of a Fred Johnson class

I cannot describe this past month as anything other than a blessing. I wake up every morning excited and enthusiastic for another day at the HASP Office because I am starting to witness the true joy each of you bring to this program. I look forward to more fun together as we become partners in learning.

Reads and Screens

My hobbies include reading and watching movies, so I plan to use the monthly newsletter to share what content I am currently consuming in the hope that the next time you see me, you can share your own recent “Reads and Screens.”

  • Current Read: How High We Go In the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu (2022)
  • Current Screen: Parallel Mothers directed by Pedro Almodóvar (2021) Available at your local library.

Other Items

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