You Say Goodbye I Say Hello

By Sarah Baar, ’04

I first arrived on Hope’s campus in 2001 as a student. I remember standing in line in front of Dykstra Hall with my roommate, waiting to get checked in and get our keys. A bee buzzed around us in the late summer heat and humidity and I worried it would get stuck in my frizzy hair and make a home with us for the year in Dykstra 345.

Fast-forward seven years and I once again arrived at Hope, this time as an employee, the newly-named Office Manager for the English department. I wouldn’t start working with the History department for a few years still, and I thrilled in my shiny new office–a big step up from my cubicle in my previous job. I took a picture of the nameplate outside the office with my name on it.

Now, fifteen years after my first introduction to Hope, I’ve resigned my position as Office Manager to say hello to a new, unknown adventure.

No doubt I will miss many things about working at Hope. But most of all I’ll miss the people. My faculty have been nothing short of amazing. And the students? The students! Geesh, I could fall over from the greatness of our students. It’s been an honor to get to know you, folks. Love you all very much.

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